The Band

The band is available in various line-ups, depending on your requirements.


Laura on Vocals and Drums

Andy on Guitar

Our duo line-up is perfect for creating a laid-back, romantic atmosphere – making it ideal for Wedding Receptions, Background Music and Restaurants. This is our core line-up, and we build the band up from here.


Laura on Vocals and Drums

Andy on Guitar

Standard Options – Choose a third member on Clarinet, Sax or Double Bass

Our most popular option – great when budget is tight but you still need to create some energy! Choose Clarinet for a classic Gatsby vibe, Double Bass to add a Gypsy Jazz flavour, or Sax if you’re into the classic ‘jazz’ sound.

Ideal for – Parties, Wedding Receptions, Roaming entertainment, Background Music, Corporate Functions, Pubs


Laura on Vocals and Drums

Andy on Guitar


Double Bass

Standard Options – swap either clarinet or double bass for Sax

Our quartet options take things up a notch – you can choose from the beautiful harmonies of the Sax and Clarinet together, or opt for one of them to be backed up with the swinging rhythm section featuring Double Bass.

Ideal for – Parties, Evening wedding entertainment, Corporate Functions, Roaming entertainment, Pubs, Dancing

If you’re after some guidance, we have some tips!


If you’re looking to add the perfect live vintage soundtrack to your drinks reception then the duo and trios are our most popular options.

If you’re looking to finish the evening off with lots of dancing, then we recommend including the Double Bass in a quartet or quintet – with the full swinging rhythm section, your guests will find the rhythm hard to resist! If you are likely to have over 75 guests then we strongly recommend at least a quartet including a sax or clarinet for the full sound of the 1920’s and 30’s.


Any of our trio options work well for most parties. However, if you have a larger venue or over 75 guests then you may want to add additional players to make the evening go with a bang!

Non-standard Options

We’re able to offer non-standard options too! We know lots of professional musicians, so if you really love another instrument then do ask as we may be able to get one of them to join us for your event.

For a detailed quote or discussion of which options will suit your event, use the contact form on this site – or call us on 07938460002.


Laura has been playing the piano from a young age, and has been a gigging drummer and vocalist for over 10 years. She studied jazz on the renowned course at Chichester College. She also runs the collective, and is who you’ll speak to when arranging a booking!


Andy has been playing the guitar for over 20 years, starting out studying classical guitar then progressing on to rock and finally jazz. He has extensive gigging experience, and also plays the double bass. Andy looks after the paperwork and makes sure everyone gets to the gig on time!