April Highlights

April started off for us with a return visit to one of our favourite London hotels – The Ned! It always feels like stepping back in time when you walk in the door here – which makes it a perfect venue to experience with some vintage jazz… It’s also great as we get to leave the car at home and experience London on foot for a change (though it was still a bit chilly!).


Next stop was beautiful Matlock in Derbyshire – this time we were a full quintet for a lovely intimate wedding party! We got ourselves set up and ready to go behind the white curtain, and once it was time for the first dance, the bride and groom themselves drew back the curtains to reveal the musical surprise… It’s always great to get the full band together, and also to be part of more intimate weddings – so all in all a great evening.

From one intimate wedding to another – this time just across the road from Hampton Court, and with waterfront views to boot. We were part of the entire day for this one, performing for the drinks reception, meal and first dance – so we slept well after a long days work (well, play…).


If one moment stands out from this month, it was getting to perform at Wembley Stadium. OK, so we weren’t performing on the pitch, but we did get to have a good look around at the FA Cup Semi Final (Man U vs Spurs). For Laura & Andy, this was their first experience of live football, and the atmosphere really got going by half time! We soon retreated to the hospitality suite to serenade the guests with some jazz, rather relieved to not be performing in front of the 80,000 people in the stadium!

Later in the month, we headed out to Heals on Tottenham Court Road to help them celebrate their 200th anniversary. This was a return visit for us, having performed for these guys a couple of times last year – and we’ll be back to help them open a new store in Westfield next month as well!

To round the month off, the trio of Laura, Andy & Rich headed out to Gloucestershire for an overnight road trip as we had 2 weddings in succession. The venues were beautiful, and the weddings were wonderful in spite of the downpours. Fingers crossed that the weather picks up now as we’re heading into the season for performing outdoors and we’d love to get out there as soon as possible!